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treibt immer noch sein Unwesen. Kopie aus Mopar-Forum

dickdale hat geschrieben:People let this be a warning/lesson!!

On the 18th of january I saw this car for sale on craigslist, the car was located in Ocala, Florida.




I know that craigslist is full of scammers and frauds. Never the less I tought lets sent an email with questions of pictures and other info. The seller asked 8500 USD for the car in december, I googled for it and found the old ad. Now he asked 7900 USD. After emailing a few times we came to an agreement and I could buy the car for 6650 USD. Because this was my first time buying a car in the States I asked Peter Luiijf from Oyola Luiijf Inc if he could arrange the payment and to take care of the shipping part. Peter contacted the seller to ask for some information. The seller send a copy of the driverslicense of his wive, called Petra M. Lendering and her bankaccount information. This because we wanted to pay the car through the bank making a money wire. When we received the information my girlfriend checked the Swiftcode on swiftcode.com and it wasn’t the correct code. Peter told me that this wasn’t strange because in the States they a far behind with banking transactions. I didn’t thought this was strange because I didn’t had any experience with buying a car in the USA and paying for it with a money wire.

Last Friday Peter made the money wire with the “correct” account information after Klaus Lendering alias David Kennedy had checked the information with his local bank. The same day Peter got the money back on his account because the accountinfo wasn’t correct. Klaus alias David, had given us the wrong accountnumber which was probable my luck.

Peter, who is very patient, had asked for the accountinfo again and called the bank of America (where Petra Lendering is banking) and called his own bank for information. Peter also emailed David and now David wanted to have a cashiers check instead of money wire. He also was very unreachable by phone and Peter had to call him many times, getting his voicemail all the time.

Because tires are more expensive in Holland I asked David if he could arrange a new set of tires for the car. That wouldn’t be a problem. He ordered the tires and they would be mounted and installed today.

Because me and Peter were doubtful of the proces, Peter talked to David and asked him for his real name because David spoke with a German accent. He told Peter that his real name was David and that he lived in the States for a while. We thought that it was strange a German accent and a name which is American but who are we to doubt that.

Last night I gave Peter a green flag to pay for the car by a Direct Deposit on Petra’s bankaccount. This morning I wanted to take a look on the Paypal website and see how you can pay things. For that you need to fill in a emailadres. Paypal will then search for the another Paypal user and Paypal confirmed me that the user was Klaus Lendering.


After seeing that I googled the name Klaus Lendering and I saw that he had scammed people before. I found a few German forums and the people overthere sayed that they paid for the car and never received it.

Because of the time difference between Europe and Amerika, I ordered Peter not to pay for and luckily he didn’t.

Because David Kennedy alias Klaus Lendering was lying about his identity I cancelled the whole deal. After I found out the man wasn’t who he said he was, I asked him for a copy of his driverslicense. I never received it.

I really liked the idea of having a mopar on the doorstep within a month but now that isn’t happening.

Peter thanks for the good communication, advies and handling!

People let this be a lesson!!! If you see a deal on the web and the seller is David Kennedy or Klaus Lendering or even Petra Lendering, boneyardclassics@gmail.com, in Ocala, Florida, phonenumber, (001) 352-512-4033 think twice!! As far as I can see things just aren’t right.

I also found this: http://www.ripoffreport.com/auto-dealer ... -d43d9.htm

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